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What we offer

Full ownership of the purchased product
Complete control over your data
Dedicated environment
Customer success program
Periodic product updates
Tailored solutions and integrations

All plans

Onboarding UI components

Popular UI components like tooltips, modals, cards, surveys are there to help you build a successful user onboarding.

Built-in themes

Customize your components' look and feel with light and dark themes.

Component editing

Change component content, configuration, upload images, videos, and so much more.

Real-time preview

Preview the changes you make to your onboarding before publishing them.

API access

Gain full control over your onboarding layer through the boardme API.

Commonly asked questions

Does boardme provide a free trial?

Absolutely. We want you to experience first hand the impact that boardme can have on your business. We provide a guided tour of our trial and help you get started with everything to ensure you're on the right path to onboarding greatness. What you invest in us, we invest in your success.

Are we too small to use boardme?

We work with companies of all sizes, and we can offer a tailored onboarding solution that fits your company's needs. That said, a short conversation can go a long way, so we encourage you to get in touch and tell us a couple of words about your use case.

What is the difference between boardme and other solutions?

Onboarding providers can deliver a tremendous ROI, however, most SaaS solutions fail to deliver because of shortcomings in their product and distribution model. The modern web often blocks 3rd party scripts imported from a different source, so the user experience ends up broken, and data integrity is compromised. Since boardme is part of your product stack, it will never face these problems and is able to provide enterprise-quality results.

Is boardme GDPR compliant?

Yes, absolutely. Boardme has security and privacy as its topmost priority. All our data is stored in the EU, and we are dedicated to ensuring enterprise-grade security and privacy.