Mockup of different UI components like tooltip, modal and card

Choose from a wide array of onboarding components

boardme has an ever-growing library of configurable onboarding components.

Use them to build onboarding flows and show your users around your product.

Leverage powerful tools for an effective onboarding

Flexible styling

Use themes to seamlessly integrate your onboarding with your brand.

Intuitive editing

Edit and style every piece of text as easily as in your favorite editor.

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Replay user journeys to understand how users interact with your onboarding flows.

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Live preview

Preview changes you made in real-time before publishing them.

Preview changes in real-time

Preview your new onboarding with a click of a button! Boardme can walk you through your onboarding so you know how users see it before it's published.

No browser extension install required
Changes applied in real-time
Smart element selection tool embeded
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Powerful developer API

Boost your development

Our definition of no-code doesn't mean ignoring developer needs.

That's why, while making boardme accessible to non-technical people, we're also developing the world's most powerful onboarding API.

Plugs seamlessly into any stack

Whether you're building with React, Vue, Angular, or your own custom framework - you can install boardme with one command and start using it with the next.

Static type support

The boardme API comes with batteries included. Whether you're developing in JavaScript or TypeScript, you have static typing and auto-completion out of the box.