A diverse array of onboarding components

boardme has an ever-growing library of configurable onboarding components. Use them to build onboarding flows and show your users around your product.

Mockup of different UI components like tooltip, modal and card


Lead your users down the right path with tooltips.


Leave subtle hints in your application with non-intrusive hotspots.


Describe what your buttons do with hover tips.


Disclose important messages or greet your users with modal guides.


Deliver useful information in a casual manner with cards.

Coming soon


Collect user feedback and ratings by using the feedback guide.


Video guides help you deliver complex guidance from within the comfort of your platform.

Coming soon

Multiple Choice

Gather data from your users with the multiple choice guide.

Configure and edit components intuitively

Edit every piece of text. Upload images or gifs. Embed videos, and configure the behavior of your guide with the click of a button.

Flexible component styling

Make it yours

Make use of boardme's themes or get creative and create your own. The theming support allows your onboarding layer to seamlessly integrate with your brand.

Build user onboarding effortlessly

Showing a user around or letting them know about the release of a new feature is as simple as a click and drag and drop.

Group your components

Group your components into collapsable flows and apply high level configurations.


Drag and drop your flows and components within your flow or between flows.


Don't do the same work twice. Duplicate flows or components to build new ones.

Other key

Live preview

Preview the onboarding flows you create on your website or local environment.

Element inspection

Live preview mode provides a tool where you can easily select your element to apply the guides.

Control flow display

Enjoy full control over how, where, and when you want your flows to be displayed for your users.

Help along the way

If you're stuck working in boardme, we've got you covered. We are helping with videos and tips.

Active bug reporting

Forget emailing support. Report bugs and request features from within the comfort of the application!


Boardme's built-in recording feature shows how your users use your flows.

Detailed documentation

Make use of boardme's extensive documentation to help you pick up advanced features.

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