Conversational onboarding

Matthijs & I, we’re geeks. There, I’ve said it. 🤓

We’re certainly no experienced marketing folk. But when you’re trying to build an awesome time-tracking, CRM and invoicing tool, it helps to have customers. And those customers won’t find you out of nothing. Trust me, we’ve tried. So we’re experimenting with various marketing techniques.

An important and often underestimated part of said marketing shenanigans, is the customer. It’s not only important to attract new customers, but at least as important to keep them.

You want to do everything it takes to make this customer comfortable in your shiny new software service. This includes guiding them in the best way possible when they’re navigating your application for the first time. User onboarding.

You know bots and conversational UI’s are a big thing now, right? No? Yes! We had an epiphany after reading article number gazillion about the rise of the bots.

“Maybe we can use a conversational bot-like UI for our onboarding process?”

Why not use a conversational flow in the onboarding story? Displaying messages one by one, just like a conversation. Because basically, that IS what we’re trying to do; have some sort of intake conversation with a user.
Seems we’re not the only ones who think this is a good fit for this.


So, surely there must exist some service providing this, no? Turns out, no, we didn’t find one. So why not build it ourselves, and manage this service as a side project. If we find it useful, maybe there will be others too.

The last month, we did exactly that. We both cleared time off our calendars, to build a prototype to see if this could work.
It did, or so we think. One month later, here we are, writing blog posts about it already 😊

Today marks the release date of the first basic version of Boardme. We have a lot planned for the future. Statistics, inline forms and various personalization settings. But the – already useful – basics are there, and we think it works great. Try it out yourselves, and do let us know what you think of it, positive or negative.

PS: We like the idea of being open, even about earnings and failure. So we will be detailing a lot of the hurdles we’re encountering as a young micro-startup in this blog. Subscribe below if you’re interested in our stories.

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