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Buttons with Links (new feature)

One thing we’re trying to accomplish in Boardme is incremental updates. We like to release new versions often, but in small increments. While most releases up to now were bugfixes and such, we now have a pretty stable product. So we’re able to shift our focus to new features and improving user experience. So Here we are again […]

Image Slideshows (new feature)

Often, our customers use images inside Boardme stories. Be it a screenshot of your app, an animated gif (yes, they do work fine in Boardme!) or a picture of a cute kitten. Today we’re introducing slideshows to the Boardme player, which really helps images stand out in the spotlight they deserve. When clicked, images in […]

Conversational onboarding

Matthijs & I, we’re geeks. There, I’ve said it. 🤓 We’re certainly no experienced marketing folk. But when you’re trying to build an awesome time-tracking, CRM and invoicing tool, it helps to have customers. And those customers won’t find you out of nothing. Trust me, we’ve tried. So we’re experimenting with various marketing techniques. An […]