Why boardme?

User onboarding is a hassle to develop and very costly to maintain.

boardme is a software that offers you an easy and intuitive onboarding solution. Offload your developers and stay focused on your users.

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Seamless integration

boardme integrates with any application or website. Copy and paste a single line of code and deploy your user onboarding with a click of a button.

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No coding needed

Free up your developers and let them focus on core business features. Boardme offers an intuitive user interface for building your user onboarding with no technical know-how.

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Complete ownership

You have complete control over your data and your user's data. Unlike 3rd party SaaS solutions, it will never be blocked by browsers or extensions.

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Guide your users to value

We give you all the tools you need to guide your users to value and make sure they get to the *Aha* moment in the shortest time possible.

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Highlight new features of your product

Agile development means new features are coming out quickly. Make sure your users are up to speed by highlighting the latest and greatest.

Record and replay user journeys

Make educated decisions about how to improve your onboarding. Watch recordings of your user's point of view while going through your flows.

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Build user onboarding effortlessly

Showing a user around or letting them know about the release of a new feature is as simple as a click and drag and drop.

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Build interactively

Our builder lets you set up your onboarding from the comfort of an intuitive user interface.

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Reduce complexity

Boardme just works. It has no browser extension or any other third party dependencies.

Preview your changes

You can preview the onboarding flow you are building in real-time. Any changes you make instantly apply.

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Replay user journeys

Record and replay user journeys. Learn how your users interact with your platform and improve your onboarding.

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