Introduce your web-based software to your customers.Engage them to use your application to its full extent.

A conversational onboarding flow delivers loads of information to your customers, in a natural and attractive way. Our flow editor enables you to create custom onboarding flows that guides your customer.


Compose onboarding flows yourself, without any technical knowledge. Use a familiar conversational interface to convey your message to your customers.


Connect onboarding flows by offering choices to your users.


Closely match the onboarding flow to your application style and color.


View elaborate statistics about your onboarding flows.

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Buttons with Links (new feature)

One thing we’re trying to accomplish in Boardme is incremental updates. We like to release new versions often, but in small increments. While most releases up to now were bugfixes and such, we now have a pretty stable product. So we’re able to shift our focus to new features and improving user experience. So Here we are again […]

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